Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hawai`i - day 5 - lava boat and Mauna Kea

This morning we woke up at 3.00, but we did it for a good reason: we were going to see the LAVA FLOW!!! We were meeting with the group and the captain of the boat at 3.45 in a village called Pahoa. From there they were taking us to the area were the lava from the Pu’u o vent enters the sea. Just one mile before the entrance of the village, Mihai, bored of driving after a car pulling a boat, decided to pass it “ignoring” the double line painted on the road. Well, the police car that was driving behind us (and that we had obviously not noticed) chased us and gave us the sign to stop: another unbelievable experience in the States, just like in the movies!!!! After all the police officer gave us a fine of 90$… ONLY 90$!!!! That was even more unbelievable!
We finally made it to the lava boat trip. We went in the night along the coast, everything was dark and suddenly, we saw it, a red bright glitter descending from the land and entering into the sea. We came closer and closer… so much that we were into the cloud of steam and felt the heat of the lava. It was amazing!!!! Definitively it worth the money.
When we went back to the harbor it was 7.30 and so we still had a long day to enjoy. We drove to Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in the Big Island and then we move north to the region of Kohala. We stopped for lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi were we ate really good and then continued to Polulu Beach. Despite it was cloudy we liked it a lot because of its smooth black sand, fresh water river and many palm trees.

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