Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ZGZ ...last days

So, my first contact with Toulouse was very short......about 2 days. Now let's go point by point:

1. The flat looks nice and my hew flat mates also. One bad point is the building that was constructed in the ยบ70 for the poor people. So it doesn't look pretty outside but it is close to my work and the neighbourhood is quiet and nice.
2.The city looks very very old.... I still don't know if I like it or not, but the first impression was not bad. So I will see later.
3. Yesterday I have gone to Carcassonne with Cristina (other one) ...famous medieval town.... it was nice although I expected a bigger medieval part.
4. Today I have filled in a lot of forms so hopefully next week when I will be back there I will have a badge to open the gate, access to internet, a desk with a PC (or not as I have mine), Web access, a permit to eat at the cafeteria, an email from CNRS .... and I am not sure what else I have asked for in those forms.

So these concludes my first contact report with Toulouse....

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