Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First days in DC

After a relatively short flight (3 movies a lunch and a "merienda") I arrived in DC were it was snowing like hell. Of course Air France did not manage to change my luggage from a plain to the next one in Paris. Csilla waited for me at the airport and we went slowly slowly to her flat because the road was full of snow. Then we went to my new home in College Park were I met my house mates.

On Sunday after receiving my luggage I took the metro to DC and we spent couple of hours site seeing ...the White House, Capitol, The Smithsonian (we did not see Bones)and the Washington Monument (enjoy the 'white' pictures below). Then I went back home.....which is quite far .... it took me almost 1 hour.
The first impression was good and DC seems a nice place ...if you live in the center. Of course if you live far away then you need a car....and this is more evident in College Park were the University of Maryland is located. You need a car even to buy bread. Thanks God my flat mates have all cars so I can go shopping with them.

Today was my first day at UMD. I met my boss and my new colleagues (....most of them girls and pregnant or with small children). We discussed a little about what I am going to do and then I started doing my things because we do not have yet the SAR images I have to process. Next week I will receive the brand new PC they have ordered so I could work properly :) ....I feel very important :)

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Qué bonito.... todo nevadico!!!
Enjoy your stage