Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow day

Today I learned (the hard way) what is a snow day:
I woke up around 6 AM (still did not get use with the local time)and at 8.25 I went to take the UMD bus.... which did not arrive. So I took the regular bus (after waiting more tan 40 minutes) to arrive at UMD at around 9.15 Of course everything was closed and since I did not have a key I had to wait until 10.00. And all of these because of the "snow day". So what is a snow day ...well apparently each time the meteo forecast predicts a certain quantity of snowfall they close the schools/UNI or they open it late 10.00 AM instead of 8.30. But what I learned is that is the same in autumn with rainfall and in summer with the heat... so they barely work around here:)

At 10 I went to the orientation course were we got 2 hours of "how to do this to do that ...bla bla . So I finally started working at 12.00 ...after being awake since 6 !!!! Very eficient !

The good part is that I got a provisional card so I can enter the lab without bothering other people. Hopefully tomorrow I will get my student card ...

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