Friday, July 18, 2008

First day at the End of the World

First, I guess you appreciate the difference beetwen Mihai's posts and mines. He is absolutely emotionless!!

Well, as you already know due to transports difficulties we wolud only stay in Ushuaia one day and a half inteads of two and a half. That meant that we had to be very efficient to do all the things we had planned in such a few time... and we were.

We woke up early and went to the tourist office where they gave us all the information abouth the activities we could do there. In half an hour we were already on a boat to seal at the Beagle channel. It was a small yatch (10 passengers plus the guide and the "capitain"). We navigated from island to island watching at the sea lions. They were so close to us that we could notice that they really stink! The females were pregnang but still they had their last babies. They were soooo cute!!! We even so them bresting, with the milk all over their faces. The males were huge and each of them had a large harem for himself.

During the trip we also saw few lonely pinguins that were the only ones that had not migrated north to spend the winter. The trip also included a short walk on the island Bridges, from where we could see both Ushuaia bay and the Chilean shore. Very beautiful panoramic.

Back in Ushuiaa we went to Aerolienas Argentinas offices to receive good knews: instead of coming to Buenos Aires in different planes, we could do it in the same plane, at 22.00: that gave us more time to enjoy ushuaisa, plus we wouldn't have to pay the bussines class differences of Mihais old ticket!!

So, now that we were more relaxed we went to enjoy a really good grilled Patagonic Lamb. It was a buffet in which we payed 10 euros each and eated lamd untill we couldn't move! Even the waiter (whith a little unpolite atitude) told us whe we asked for the bill: "yes, in fact it is a good idea to stop eating, otherwise you will get sick..."

To help the diggestion of the patagonic lamb we went to the Marcial Glacier. There was a skilift that took us to the base of the glacier. The skilift moved soooo slow that by the time we rached the top we were already frozen. In addition the gñacier was covered by the snow, so there wasn't much to see. Specially after coming from the Perito Moreno!!

To finish the day we had booked what seemed to be and amazing activity: a night excursion with a dog sleigh and snowshoes!! We had arrange to meet with the tranfer that would take us to the dog's center at 6 at the port. At 6.20 no-one had come to pick us up yet... the common punctuality of the argentinian transports!
We were doing the activity with our spanish friends, so when we arrived to the mountain center we were as excited as a group of teenagers. They told us that we would do the first part of the excursion walking with the snow shoes and after we would take the dog's sleigh to complete the excursion (that was supposed to be 3.30 hours long...)
We started walking through the forest, under the moonlight... it was great and so funny!! It was not as cold as we had feared so it seamed to be perfect until, after only 15 minutes we saw the refuge that indicated the middle point of the route... already!!!????

So, what to do, we took off the snow shoes and entered to drink a hot chocolate. Of course we started complaining among us... why so short????? They told us that they would take us to see some beaver houses, so we though : ok, at least we will do some more walking. Well, the beavers houses where just 200m away from the refuge: not too much to walk!!!
We spend some time having a look at an iglu that was constructed next to the beavers and then we started with the dogs. We were sit on the sleigh while the dogs pulled from us during less than 15 minutes. Then we arrived again to the mountain center and that was all. They offered us a terrible dinner (of course, included in the price) and send us back home. So yes, we where there for 3.30 hours, but the real "adventure" lasts 45 minutes..... at least those 45min where really funny!

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