Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Rios Gallegos to the end of the world

A long trip in a normal bus... the good ones are to high for the ferry. Just after departure we were told to eat all fruits and vegetables because we cannot pass them to Chile. After one hour of travelling the bus reached the border. Of course we needed twice the time to pass through the argentinian part were they have just one guy controlling the passports. After the border the bus traveled for another hour until we reached the Magellan channel. Here we saw a dolphin (tonina) jumping arround the ferry and of course some see birds. On the way we saw also the guanacos, a fox and some wild geese. After more hours we reached the border again. Same story..... Chilean part was crossed very quickly and we waited about one hour to pass the Argentinian custom. This time it was justified somewhow.... Couple of days before they caught somebody trying to pass three kilos of coca in a luggage. The problem was the scanner was not functioning so everybody had to open his bag and show the content......
We reached Ushuaia couple of hours later after 14 hours on the bus.
The good side was that we met a group of spanish people and we arranged some excursion toghether for the following days.

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