Monday, July 7, 2008

From Nowhere to Salta

We woke up with the rooster, everybody in Los molinos was sleeping. So quietly we started our daily trip headind the town of Cachi. We arrived there at 9 in the morning and after having some breakfast we went for a walk around the village. It was full of handcrafts shop and we could´t avoid buying some souvenirs.

We saw many people gathered in the main square, some people arranged big speakers and some girls and boys were dressed with the traditional customs. "What is happening?" I asked and the answer was: the "Welcome of he fist tourist". What a good luck we were going to see some traditional event!! So we waited and waited (here thigs go slowly) when suddenly someone announced "the fist tourist has arrived to the village, it will be here in few minurtes" So we expected to see someone dreesed as the fist turist who came to cachi like 100 years ago surrounded by the village people.
Instead, the police car came out, with te sirens ringing followed by a normal car inside of wich were the fist turists: the "first" normal turist family that had arrived from Tucuman to the city that day, first of the winter season....
So unfair... WE HAD BEEN THE FISRT TURIST!! WE HAD ARRIVED AT 9!!!!... but from the wrong road... :(
So they received lots of gifts while we could just enjoyed the party.

We moved to Salta, the capital of the province were we succeded in washing our clothes (Hurray!), mihai develop 5 photo films (Hurray!) and we managed to get our tickets to flight to Patagonia next week (Hurray! hurray!). After all we will manage to visit all places we had planed... if Aerolineas Argentinas doesn fuck it again!

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