Friday, August 31, 2007


I have to move, again, ... and I am scared of the French people.... and mi novia doesn't come with me .....and I have to pack .....and my friends will remain here...... and the darts championship will play without me .... and no more embutidos.... and I have to pack .....and I have to learn French ....and to make new friends (uff) ..... and

shit I really have to pack and instead I am loosing my time with this shit that nobody reads.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

ZGZ`s surroundings

Sunday we went to visit a place called Monasterio de piedra. A nice place, especially the park around. The monastery started around 1200 and lasted until 1835 when was expropriated and sold by the king to get funds. The monastery was build on place of an Arabic fortress. It was the first place in Europe where chocolate was prepared and used by the monks when they were sick. There is a guided tour inside the old partially ruined monastery that give informations about the life of the monks and about the vines of the region.
However much more impressive is the park full of waterfalls that surrounds the place. It is unbelievable how much water is concentrated in a rather small place taking into account that the surroundings are very dry.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to ZGZ

After almost two weeks of holidays I am back in Zaragoza preparing myself for the French period. Soon I will say goodbye to Iberian peninsula and go to Toulouse in my quest for knowledge. In the mean time I have to organize some trips around Zaragoza to my study areas, to finish with the paperwork for France and most important find a flat in Toulouse. It seems that is pretty difficult so if anybody has a connection there I will appreciate his help.