Sunday, March 30, 2014

Boston - first week

After sub-zero temperatures for most of the week. the last days were a bit better so I have taken some time to visit the city. Since I was in 'historic' mood I have followed the so called Freedom trail around the some point down the road I discovered that there was literally a trail marked on the pavement so one just needs to follow this red line/bricks. Learned some history too, about the revolutionary war mostly. Since the city is not that big I was able to walk from my place in South End (which it seems is a trendy place so I need to go around a bit more) to the Public Library then through the Public Gardens and down the trail to the Navy Yard and and Bunker Hill Monument. On the way back I took the subway though. As a city Boston is quite similar to European cities although the public transport is kind of a joke: the subway is basically a tram that goes under ...quite narrow , slow and so noisy that I rather walk than take that again. The good part, I am only half an hour walk from downtown and the city is pretty walk-enabled. Next week will do more sightseeing ...hopefully the wetter gets better.