Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dr. Aponte and Dr. Tanase

Our defense time came and passed ..... and we do not feel specially different. Maybe a little sad ...there is nothing more we can go for ...academically speaking. Our student days are finished and we have to start working...

Regarding the defenses, we both got the maximum qualification "sobresaliente cum laude". Cris did an excellent presentation since even her chemist friends understood what was all about. Then she answered during 90 minutes to a lot of questions with no problem.

My presentation was much better than expected :))) The day before I did a rehearsal with my bosses which went soooo bad that everybody was worried. However, when the D day came I switched to my "presentation mode" and everything went fine. Since my defense committee was a mixture between "radar" and "fire" people I had to answer mostly to questions on the utility of my work and how I see it applied to the real world. (Cris: And it was then when the real Tanase got in scene and said: " not to bother my bosses, but actually radar and fires in Spain are quite a useless combination". 100% PURE HONESTY!!)

Now, after the "storm" everything is more calm and we prepare for our departure. December 31 is the last day on the old continent ....1st of January Asiaaaa. Do you think the Emirates airline will give us something to celebrate New Years Eve???