Sunday, March 18, 2012

F1 2012 season start

so...this year I decided to watch the race from my couch ...but of course I did want to have a look at the new cars with their funny looking nose. So I went for Saturday FP3 and qualifying session withe a GA (general admission) pass and the upgrade to the Premium zone. This proved to be a very good choice since the area is on the hill before curve 14 and has a large TV screen just in front. So I was actually able to enjoy both seeing/hearing the cars under heavy breaking and the rest of the circuit on the big screen. All in all much better than last years` tickets in the Webber grandstand.

BTW ...I am really disappointed by the official F1 2012 application for smart phones ...not really helpful and it has a big bug... the display remains black when coming back from energy saving mode (turn off the screen light) one has to restart the application every time ...what a BS ...and is only for the Android version, on iPhones this is not happening as I checked it with one of my friends.

and now some photos