Saturday, September 29, 2007

Three weeks later

o for those of you who were worried ...I am still alive. I got out from the hospital to days after the surgery and the following week went to Toulouse were I had to fill some forms and wait couple of weeks to get an email account, a cafeteria card and the Internet access (this I still don't`t have it yet, instead I am using the account of my office mate). The bad news is that skype is not working in the network of CNES because they are blocking a lot of stuff. A little remainder of Maich times .... however now is worse.

About the city ..... it has a nice old part (center) with typical houses and narrow streets. All in all it appears to be a nice place although it doesn't have the sea close. There are a lot of students and people having fun until late. However, I have to go out to see more of the night life.

One night I went to Montpelier and I really liked it. It has the Mediterranean life style with lots of people on the street until late and the advantage of the sea close and the better weather. Al so I went to Carcassone to visit the old medieval town. It looks similar with the medieval town of Sighisoara (Romania) that I think is better since it still forms part of the real city. In Carcassone, the old part is inside the fortress and is too arranged for the tourists to spend their money.

What else .... I have started finally to work with some radar images.... and i am not sure i like it. ...

So this should be all for now. Anyway I will be writing more often now since I am on line.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Spanish hospitals II

...not so easy .... Wednesday I went back to the hospital because my ache was still there, even stronger. After more blood analysis and radiography the doctors have decided (even if it was not sure the cause) to put me in surgery waiting list with a diagnostic of appendicitis. So now instead of enjoying Toulouse I am still in ZGZ in a hospital bed with 3 holes in the stomach and tubes in my arms.

p.s. at least I am not alone.... Cris arrived yesterday although she cant help me too much

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Spanish hospitals

Bad Tuesday .... yesterday I had the great idea of eating hot chocolate after diner and a beer. The combination proved to be deadly since at 5.30 I woke up with an acute stomach ache .... so I went to the hospital .... blood tests, radiography .... and at the end .... apparently the bomb combination was to blame ... so after 4 hours in the hospital I am back home having still some pain. Hopefully tomorrow I will be 100% functionally.

P.S. why the nurses are so pretty always ... no matter what country ?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ZGZ ...last days

So, my first contact with Toulouse was very short......about 2 days. Now let's go point by point:

1. The flat looks nice and my hew flat mates also. One bad point is the building that was constructed in the ยบ70 for the poor people. So it doesn't look pretty outside but it is close to my work and the neighbourhood is quiet and nice.
2.The city looks very very old.... I still don't know if I like it or not, but the first impression was not bad. So I will see later.
3. Yesterday I have gone to Carcassonne with Cristina (other one) ...famous medieval town.... it was nice although I expected a bigger medieval part.
4. Today I have filled in a lot of forms so hopefully next week when I will be back there I will have a badge to open the gate, access to internet, a desk with a PC (or not as I have mine), Web access, a permit to eat at the cafeteria, an email from CNRS .... and I am not sure what else I have asked for in those forms.

So these concludes my first contact report with Toulouse....