Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend at home

We had great plans for this weekend... we were going to try the Swiss ski tracks for the first time!!! we would rent the material on Friday and on Saturday we would go to the snow...

However sickness destroyed our plans. I caught a cold during last week and on Friday I was still feeling very bad.. so Mihai was magnanimous (imagine he had bought new boots and skis and was willing to try them!!!) but still decided to postpone the skiing for next weekend.

On one hand, I am grateful he didn't mind staying at home so I could get over my cold, on the other I know he will always remember me that because I GOT SICK, we lost one of our skiing weekends.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Our first trip to the Alps. This week end we only went to check the ski conditions trips will be for skiing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Arriving to Switzerland

After two days of trip we finally arrived to Switzerland, where we will be living -and working- the next three months. In our way we stopped in Nîmes, where we visited "Les arenes" an old Roman amphitheatre that is nowadays used for bullfighting.

Our friend Rita has hosted us in her house in Zurich until we move to our places on Monday. Today Sunday, we took the car and went to spot my future working place, the WSL institute. It´s going to be great to work in such a nice place. I just hope I won´t freeze!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Revelion in Romania

"Revelion" that´s how they call New Year´s Eve in Romania, where we went to spend our Christmas holiday this year.

From Bucharest we took a train to Suceava, in the north of the country, and after we went to "Cîmpulung" were we met some of Mihai´s University collages. They had arranged to spend three days in one of the Forest District Hut in the mountains. What a wonderful surprise was to discover that the hut was not a kind of cold woody refugee but a nice house with central heating and hidro-massage bathtubs!

We ate all kind of Romanian typical food that was incredible good. If you ever go there don´t miss the "Sarmale", "Chorba" soup, smoked trout, "mãmãliga" mmmmmmm so good! And what to say about the "Afinata", a home made blueberry liquor. It is so good I brought one liter with me back to Spain.

For the Revelion he started partying at 6 in the afternoon, at midnight we had champaign at -15º and later we enjoyed a karaoke-fire. Next day we went around in the village on a horse sledge, with the snow, jingle bells... so nice!

So, just to make you envious, here you have some pictures: