Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Last week-end we finally went skiing in the Swiss Alps. So... Saturday morning at 7.30 we left home for Gstaad and before nine we were buying ski passes for 2 days...big mistake ..because after 8 hours of ski with only half our break for lunch we were completely dead. First day we spend it in Saanenmoser (one of the 6 sectors of the ski area). The weather was very good and we enjoyed it a lot although towards the end of the day was a little bit boring....all the tracks were looking the same more or less. Therefore on Sunday we went to a different area (Glacier) ...at 3000 m was snowing, fog and really cold...Cris got scared because we couldn't see anything (no goggles)and I felt a couple of times.... on an almost flat part. However after descending a little we entered on a arrow valley were there was not so bad so we went without problems to a hut at 1900 m (Oldenegg) were we met one of my flatmates who was drinking wine at 11.00 AM to recover after a party the night before. So we joined them for a cup of wine and we remained for lunch (at 12.00 in Switzerland). With the weather forecast from bad to worse we decided to ski in another part in the afternoon (Eggli-Rougemont). It was quite nice with long tracks and almost nobody around. Below there are some pictures taken the first day.

P.S. I bought a polarization filter and the photos look a little strange... I have to make more test with this bullshit.