Saturday, July 14, 2007

Campamento Jara

Last week end I went to a camp site in Guadalajara where Cris is monitor. Imagine 80 kids together in relatively small area to which you have to give 4 meals a day. At the end was not so bad as I didn't have anybody under my direct supervision. The most I liked the mounting of the tyrolean traverse although I almost broke my legs testing it.
Another good point was the opportunity to meet almost all CrisÂș friends at once so I got rid of this task from my list.

P.S. If you want to see what is this Jara about go here


Aponte said...

Hello my love!!

since no one post any comment, i will do it!!

I was very glad that you decided to come with me to the camp, and now i am even happier that you enjoyed it!!

Now i owe you one, whatever you want, i´ll do it! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hihi..I just imagine Mihai surrounded be 80 little squirrels and I'm dying of laughter..Well, Cris you definitely owe him a big one..