Thursday, December 6, 2007

Course time

Hi to everybody from Bern. These days I was taking a crash course in interferometry and other SAR processing aspect at the headquarter of Gamma. Very dense course, learned a lot and few time to visit Bern itself. Except the first day when I have arrived all the other visit where during the to say Bern by night. Yesterday we have visited Thun ( a small village/city) in the vicinity. Except of size the village was very similar with the capital city itself. Anyway I had nice time here (like all the other times I came) and now I am preparing for the long ride back to Touluse. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera so no photo will be provided:(.

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Eleftheria said...

Unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!NO PHOTOS.....Very bad Mihai!!!!!!Have fun :)