Monday, January 21, 2008

Andorra shopping day

Saturday we went to Andorra to finish our ski-shopping spree. Since Cristina`s (the Romanian one) car did not want to go more than Pas de la Case we stopped there and went buying. Although the village is very small we spent around 5 hours to look for the best option. At the end I have managed to decide for a jacket and we bought some other things too. So for those who are looking for sport material (especially ski) Olympia i the answer. They have like 4 shops in Pas de la Case and each one has different thing to sell. You should visit each and then decide what you liked more. There area also other sport material shops and they have rather good stuff but as usually they are smaller you have less choices.
We were looking also for some electronics but unfortunately the offer was limited in Pas de la Case. A friend told me that in Andorra la Ville there is a mall all with electronic stuff.
Now about the ski tracks.... What I have seen on around Pas de la Case didn't look to impressive as ski resort. There were 3 or 4 ski tracks rather straight and not very long, maybe around 1.5-2km. All of them were on the same mountain face and almost parallel. I really hope they have better tracks next to the old city.

Lastly about the turning back adventure.....the car had a problem (we will see today what exactly) with the cooling system so we had to drive back to Toulouse with about 40 km/h ....that means around 4 hour of driving for the 180 km. It was exhausting ....:)

I will add some photos later soon get them out of the mobile :)

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