Monday, January 31, 2011

Australian Day

Last Wednesday was Australian day. And so there were celebration all over the city. Fist time in the morning we attended the People's march, a parade were the representation of all communities living in Melbourne marches with their traditional customs. Obviously Asian communities were the dominant..

Then we went to the King's Domain Gardens where we found a woodchoper competition and we saw an acrobatic aerial display. Later we joined a Salsa concert given by Tito Puente Jr. I cannot rememberer how may times he mention how great his father was... actually I understand since being his son is his only merit ;)

To end up the day we went for some beers at Federation Sq. and enjoyed the Fireworks.

It was a nice Australian Day.

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Unknown said...

Espero que el próximo año formeis parte del desfile, convenientemente vestidos de madrileña y rumano. Al menos es lo que Cristina hizo en Xania: Primero andaluza u más tarde de ¿cabrita? en los carnavales