Monday, January 31, 2011

Ikea-ing our new home

Ten steps you need to do to transform an empty and cold apartment into a cosy and welcoming home:

1. Go to Ikea
2. Take as many things as you can fit in your trolley
3. Try to pay them with ONE of your European credit cards (none worked). End up withdrawing 2000$ from the ATM (paying 40 euro in fees...)
4. Spend a full morning assembling your new furniture

5. Go to Ikea, again
6. Buy the furniture that didn't fit in the trolley the first time (use Australian credit card)
7. Spend another morning assembling your new furniture

8. Go to Ikea, once more
9. This time, enjoy selecting your houseware, plants and decorations
10. and....Welcome home!


Daniel said...

It's looks like a real house now.
Good selection.

Disfrutad de vuestro nuevo sofá y de esa mesa tan chula.

JO said...

Qué bueno el montaje de las fotos!! Os ha quedado MUY chulo!! Y además el color verde como símbolo de "vida". JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!!

JO =)

Ruth Sánchez said...

Qué casita mas mona! Un auténtico nidito de amor Made in IKEA... Me alegro mucho por vosotros! Mil besos.

Anonymous said...

From what I see here Mihai is doing all the hard work :) But Cristina seems to be the "designer" It looks too nice for Mihai's taste.


Alberto García said...

Hay que ver que estiloso os ha quedado el apartamento. Eso sí, lo mejor de todo ha sido ver al típico obrero sudando la gota gorda jajajajajajajajajaj