Saturday, July 12, 2008

Again in Buenos Aires

The end of our Nothwest trip was coming to its end, but of course the adventure continued just until the last moment:

The 9th july we drove from Salta to Tucuman. It was the "Argentinian Independence Day" when they conmemorate the day they signed their independence from the Spanish Kingdom. It is a national holiday and every city has big celebrations. So we expected to find a great parade and huge party in Tucuman, the city where the Independence was actually signed hundred of years ago.

As soon as we entered the city we started seeing grups of policemen... normal if they were having some kind of celebration. When we approach the center of the city to return our rented car we discovered that most streets were cut for the traffic... "ok, it must be also for the celebration..." so while we were trying to get to the rental car office we started seeing hundreds of policemen...mmm.. a litle bit suspiciuos for a normal celebration.
Finally we solved the mistery when we saw a huge panel in which it was written: "Welcome Mrs. President!!!!" So the president of Argentina was comming to Tucuman for the Independence day!!!! Great!!!- we thought.

We were soooo wrong. Because she was coming all the city was paralized. The historical places to visit (like the independence house) was obviouly closed because she had decided to visit them too. And the Tucuman people were not very happy either. Every year for this day they have huge parade, music, party, even bullfights in the street but this year there was NOTHING but the president.... Bad day for being in Tucuman.

We took the bus at 15.50 towards Buenos Aires. We were suppose to arrive at 7.45 because our plane to Clafate leaved at 12.30. Theoretically there was time enough... but just theoreticaly. Watching the bus before leaving Mihai remarked that the tyres were very old and the drawing had almost dissapear.. "just like the Formula one tyres", he said. Well, it was 22.00 pm when the bus stopped in the middel of nowehere. "What's happening??!!".... Do you guess the answer? We had broken a tyre!!!
Incredible... so we had to change the tyre of a gigant bus in the middle of the nigh.

We arrived just on time to the airport and, with the standard one hour delay of Aerolineas Argentinas, we took our plane to Calafate. Unbelievable but truth, we were flying to Patagonia!!!

Tomorrow we will be watching the Perito Moreno glaciar.

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