Saturday, July 5, 2008

From Cafayate to Nowhere

We woke up in a freezing but sunny morning. After breakfast we took our car and drove towards the Quebrada del Cafayate, an astonish gorge next to the Las Conchas river. The landscape there was amazing!! The hills had been eroded by the wind and the water for thousand of years, producing incredible forms and figures. The color of the rocks ranged from the very red to green or white and the ground was totally covered by the sand resulted from the erosion.

When we were admiring the landscape we saw two "big birds" flying over our heads. I didn´t pay them any attention until a couple of Americans next to us started shouting "condors, they are condors!!!!". And offered us their binoculars to have a closer look. Those "birds" are huge!! Good luck the American bird watchers where there, otherwise we would have missed the condors.

We drove back to Cafayate, where we had lunch and tried the only wine ice cream of the world. You could choose, white wine or red wine... still the best one was the "dulce de leche" ice cream...mmmmmmmmm

Later in the afternoon we took the "panoramic road" towards Cachi. And by "panoramic" I mean "no paved".... and it´s a National road!!!! The landscape was again incredible and different from the one we saw in the morning.

And finally we arrive to a little village of 600 inhabitants called "Los Molinos". A place lost in the middle of nowhere that, surprisingly, has an Internet cafĂ©!! And that´s because young people of every town spend all their free time playing games on the computer.

Tomorrow we will move to Cachi and Salta, wher i hope we could find a place to wash our clothes. Otherwise, we will be in trouble!!! ;)

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