Monday, July 7, 2008

From Salta to Iruya

The plan for today was to visist the Salinas Grandes, but in the way we changed our minds and decided to follow another route. We drove north, through a landscape with dams, lakes and tropical forest to San Salvador de Jujuy, a boring town with nothing to see. We continued our way north, our objective: Iruya a small town of 300 inhabitats at 3800m altitude. In the trip we crossed the "quebrada de humahuaca" and we stoped to see the "paleta del pintor" a hill with many different coloured sediment layers.

We continued to Humauaca, a little but nice vilage full of handcrafts shops. Impossible not to buy anything!. We ate "empanada de llama"(llama pie)... mihai liked it but I couln´t really enjoyed it... thinking of the poor llama :( We also had tamales mmmmmmm they are meat balls covered by corn flower and packed in a corn leave. They are incredible good!

After lunch we started the last part of the journey to Iruya, 50 km through a non paved road. The road wasn´t so bad (although it took us 2 hours to make 50 km) and it crossed the river several times (now is the dry season, so there wasn´t too much water, but I cannot imagine how they do it in summer, the rainny seasson).

But the most amazing thing was the landscape... uau!! The relief, the colours... amazing!! It was like nothing I had seen before. And to make it better, we saw the condor again.
We only had a bad time when we stopped in the middle of the road to iruya, with no telefone signal, nobody passig by, at 4000 meters altitude to take a picture. We go back to the car and... ups! Where are the keys???? ....we though we had lost the keys of the car so we started getting nervous but, after 5 minutes of panic, we found them, on the top of the car..... uffff

Once in Iruya we decided to give us a gift and tonight we will sleep in a very nice hotel, with two towels for each, two pillows for each and, most important, heating!!!

Now, enjoy the pictures.

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