Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to Salta

Despite Purmamarca was a quite nice village (compare to others we have visited), yesterday night was a complete desaster. I wanted to go to one of those bar-restaurant with folcloric music, so I pushed Mihai to come with me... bad idea!!! The spectacle should have started at 21.30, but when we arrived at 22.00 the musicieans were arriving too!. The bar was empty and we were not too hungry, so we order some sweets and tea. While we waited and waited for a simple tea the music started, and with it the hell!!! They were playing with giant speakers so it was soooo loud we couldn´t hear each other speaking. So after suffering for a while and, since our tea hadn´t come yet, we decided to pay and leave... complete disaster!

This morning we visited the seven colours hill and after we drove to the Salinas grandes, a huge extension covered with salt. After taking some pictures we continued 100km through a non paved road towards San Antonio de los Cobres. In the way we reached 4170 meters asl!!

In San Antonio we had lunch and after we drank a tea of Coca leaves... it was good and had no secondary effect!! I also bought a jacket made of Lama wool that smells a little bit weird...

We started going down to Salta and passed by the indian ruins of Tastil were we tried to find some more ceramics, but we only found two small pieces. Too many treasure hunters had been there before us!

Now we are back in Salta and tomorrow we will drive to Tucuman, where we will finish our trip in the northwest of Argentina. A worthwhile tour.


Unknown said...

Aunque no haya fotos, me gusta leer cada día de vuestra jornada. Las descrpciones son muy buenas y puedo imaginarme cada cosa que contáis.

daughter said...

ay apontes qué envidia me dais
claro que me puedo imaginar el momento bar ayer hehe...igual no me da tanta envidia :)

pintando said...

Mihai, y Cris,
Acá estamos disfrutando con Marcela y Edu, sus fotos y relatos, es un placer, nos sentimos viajando con ustedes. Que lindo todo lo que han hecho. El bar de Purmamarca, y los vuelos no logrados, es lo de menos. Besos de Marce, Edu Y Blanca