Friday, November 6, 2009

Hawai`i Big Island - day 1

After 26 hours traveling we finally arrived on the big island and went directly to sleep. The first day begun with some snorkeling at Two Steps beach. Lots of fishes feeding around the corals. Can`t really compare with Mediterranean which in comparison seems like a desert. Then we visited Honahau National Historical Park and learned some things about the Hawaiian history.
The second part of the day turned to be a complete fiasco. We took the so called "Road to the sea" which is quite hard even for a 4x4 and it takes a lot of time to see a quite usual beach (except the sand which was a mixture of green and black). The second beach (located 1 mile further) was better (bigger and with some vegetation) but the road was very bad and it damaged our 4x4 which now makes some strange noises each time we turn right. The end of the first day we spent it in South point which has nothing special except being the southernmost point of ht island. Finally we went to camp in Punalu beach park. A very nice black sand beach with palm trees and a small lagoon next o the sea.

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