Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hawai'i- Our last days in Kona

We spent the last three days of our trip in Kona, since eventually Mihai had to attend the conference(the original reason for the trip).

While he was busy with the talks, I took the car and went to Kaloko-Honokohau Historical National Park. It was a nice and calm beach with some archaeological remains from the time of the ancient Hawaiians. But actually, that was not the main attraction of the site: Turtles were!!! There were dozens of them feeding in the tidal pools next to the beach, swimming in the bay… and they were so cute!!! It was amazing!!!!

After having lunch with Mihai, I moved to Kahaluu Beach. It was a small bay in the middle of Kona, and so I was not expecting anything special. I was totally wrong! This small beach, full of snorquellers, was also full of corals, coloured fishes and turtles. Who would have imagined such a nice sea bottom in a “city beach”???

Next day Mihai skipped the conference and we went to Kealakokua beach. There we rented a Kayak and bowed to a bay were the Capitain Cook Monument was. This area can only be reached by kayak, boat or 1.5 hour walk.
We arrived there expecting the promised great snorkelling: fishes, dolphins, corals. Instead we found hundreds of tourist snorquelling, hardly any fish and no dolphins at all… Well, which animal would like to be among hundreds of clumsy swimming tourists???

We came back to Kona for lunch and some shopping while we waited for the moment of the day: the night manta ray swim!!! We joined an organized night boat trip that took us to a floating platform full of lights that attracted plankton. Manta rays that came to feed swam just beneath us!!! They are huge alien-like animals that eventually would come so close that was impressive! It was a lifetime experience.

In the last day in Kona, Mihai had his presentation at the conference. The weather was not very nice so I went for a while to the beach and later I did some extra-shopping. I had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant (No joking!!!) and I ate as many shrimps as I could!!!!

In the evening we went to the airport. Our trip had almost finished, but we still had one more stop to do.

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