Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hawai`i - day 7 - beaches, turtles and manta rays

This morning we woke up and had a real American breakfast: a three eggs omelet with cheese, pork and mushrooms and fried potatoes, all with a huge mug of coffee. Of course we shared it otherwise I would have drown in the beach. We went to one of the top ten beaches in the island: Mauna Loa. It was nice, although not as good as others which we have been the last days. We snorkeled there for a while and met a couple of green turtles that were grazing some algae next to us. It was great to have them so close! Later in the morning we moved to another beach, Waialea, were we not only saw turtles but also Manta Ray. Mihai arrived first to the place where they were swimming and “accidentally” touched one of them. Obviously, the manta got scared and run away, so by the time I arrived (one minute later maybe??) they had gone. I am not letting him go first anymore!!!
In the afternoon we came to register to the hotel and discovered that our room was not a room but a small apartment with leaving room, kitchen and balcony with view to the sea: great!!!
We finally went to the Sheraton Hotel, where the conference is held, to attend a Luau: that is a dinner buffet with typical Hawaiian food and a dancing spectacle. The food was good although this “FIRENESIA” spectacle was not so much. It could have been better if they had stacked to traditional music and histories. But instead they mixed it with kind of Eurovision pop style music that was sometimes ridiculous. Anyway, in general, the luau was nice.

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