Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hawai`i - day 4 - around Hilo

Today it was our forth day in the big island. It was still raining when we woke up, so the expectations for the day were not high. We first went to see a series of waterfalls – Rainbow fall, Pe’epe’e fall- but after seeing Iguazu falls last year, these were a joke. The only worthy one was the Akaka fall, with its 80 meters. For lunch we stopped at a very funny restaurant called “Back to the 50s”, full of pictures of Elvis and Marilyn. We had the typical meal at this side of the island: the “moco loco”, a plate of rice with some meat and a fried egg on top, everything covered with brawn sauce. It was good actually, although a little heavy!
In the afternoon we went to visit the Lyman museum, where we freely used their phone to arrange out boat trip to see the lava flow entering the sea tomorrow at 5 am!!!! After more than half an our at the phone, we finally visited the museum, and we did it half price!!! Very nice people.

by Aponte

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